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The low-down on Canada’s new clean fuel rules

While you were busy firing up the grill on Saturday, new clean fuel rules quietly came into effect.

Driving the news: Canada’s new Clean Fuel Regulations will require refiners and importers of gas and diesel to reduce emissions across all stages of fuel production and consumption, working towards reducing fuel emissions by 15% between 2016 and 2030.

The UN’s plastic problem

Last year, the UN agreed on an ambitious goal to devise a treaty by 2024 aimed at ending plastic pollution. But like any group project, there are some major differences of opinion.

Nova Scotia faces record fires

An out-of-control wildfire in Nova Scotia is now the largest in the province’s history, and is still burning out of control.

A fire in the province's southwest region started last weekend and has since covered 181 square kilometres. ~5,000 residents have evacuated, and 50 homes have been destroyed. Officials warn warm weather will make conditions more dangerous in the coming days.

Canada’s national parks are selling out fast

Ahhh, spring. If you ask us, there’s no better time to take advantage of the great Canadian outdoors… that is, if you can snag a reservation. 

With Parks Canada’s improved reservation system, it’s technically never been easier to book camping sites at national parks across the country. In other ways, it’s harder… with sites like Alberta’s Jasper and Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula booking up fast. 

A worrying start to wildfire season

Western Canada has seen more than 600 wildfires so far this year, but officials say the season is just getting started

Alberta declares wildfire emergency

Wildfire season has arrived early in Alberta this year, forcing the province to declare a state of emergency over the weekend and expand evacuation efforts.

Driving the news: Premier Danielle Smith declared a state of emergency on Saturday, granting the government extraordinary powers to manage the crisis.

Alberta comes calling again

Wide open spaces. Majestic mountains. Cheap housing. Alberta is marketing itself as the new land of opportunity to East Coasters.

Something’s in the water

Good news for tap water fans: the US and Canada are moving towards making drinking water free of toxic chemicals. 

Plastics, plastics everywhere…

The plastics industry is fighting to keep your kitchen cupboard stuffed with plastic bags. 

Spies spooked by climate change

Anxious about climate change? So is Canada’s top spy agency.