The AI boom is getting more specialized

You know what they say: bot of all trades, master of none.

Google’s new AI model has an image problem

Google’s newest AI model may be the company’s “most capable” yet, but it might need to re-take some history classes. 

What happened: Google has paused its Gemini AI model from generating images of people after it produced inaccurate gender and racial depictions of historical figures — a flaw the company says was an unintended consequence of prioritizing diversity in the model’s training. 

All hail Nvidia, king of the markets

Nvidia just had the type of earnings call that makes investors’ eyes pop out of their sockets like a cartoon wolf. 

What happened: The chip designer shattered estimates by reporting a 265% surge in quarterly revenue and a 769% increase in its net income, as demand for its industry-leading AI chips continues to soar. You don’t need a six-figure MBA to know that that’s very good. 

Walmart has big plans for the small screen

Walmart's new acquisition isn’t about making money selling TVs — it’s about selling the ads people watch on them.

The law locks out LockBit hackers

A shadowy international syndicate of cybercriminals just got a taste of its own medicine. 

What happened: Authorities have seized control of the notorious ransomware gang LockBit’s web infrastructure after a successful operation led by the U.K.'s National Crime Agency. Law enforcement agencies from around the world, including Canada, contributed to the takedown.

Explain It Like I'm Five: Data clean rooms

What is a data clean room?

A secure platform where companies can share and compare their customer data. 

Why would you need a special platform for that?

Most of what’s shared in a clean room is personally identifiable data — email addresses, purchase data, IP addresses — that a company has but isn’t allowed to share. A clean room ensures that sensitive data brought in doesn’t come out, which is generally considered to be safe under most privacy regulations.

OpenAI’s new video generator is scary good

OpenAI’s video generator brings two words to mind: “wow” and “uh-oh.”

Travel chatbots cause turbulence

You can now add “malfunctioning AI chatbot” to your list of potential travel headaches alongside carry-on baggage fees, screaming babies, and doors that blow off in mid-air

What happened: Air Canada must reimburse a B.C. flyer $650.88 after a provincial small claims tribunal ruled that the airline’s chatbot misled the customer about the cost of his flight to Toronto.

Another blow for driverless cars

You think you had a rough week? Waymo had one of its cars literally set on fire in the middle of San Francisco — and that’s not even their biggest problem. 

Driving the news: Alphabet’s self-driving vehicle unit Waymo yesterday recalled 444 of its autonomous vehicles after a software issue caused cars to wrongly predict the movements of towing vehicles. In some cases, the errors led to collisions, including two in Arizona.

TikTok gets a brand new power user: the president

It wasn’t too long ago we were writing regularly about plans by U.S. lawmakers to ban TikTok. It now seems like those plans have taken a backseat to politics.

Driving the news: U.S. President Joe Biden joined TikTok on Sunday during the Super Bowl, part of his re-election campaign’s strategy to win over important Gen Z voters ahead of November’s election.