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Blackberry patents going once, going twice

If you told anyone in 2008 that by this year, Blackberry would be selling patents for extra cash, they would have patted their phone holder and told you there was no freakin’ way. 
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The social media copycat strikes again

After garnering flack earlier this year for trying too hard to be TikTok, Instagram has now set its sights on wanting to be exactly like BeReal, another popular app amongst the Gen Zs.  
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Self-driving cars take the full blame

As fully-self driving cars start to creep up in the rearview mirror, a vital question still needs to be answered: Who is at fault in the event of an accident? 
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You may not be the only one looking at your screen when you're on TikTok

Using the web browser in TikTok? You may want to think twice about entering any sensitive information in there, because the app can track everything you type (including credit card numbers and passwords), according to new security research

Why it matters: The findings will likely add to growing concerns that TikTok, which is owned by China-based ByteDance, poses a security risk to Western states. 
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Sorry, we don’t cover cyberattacks

First, it was everyday flight cancellations. Now, insurers won’t cover cyberattacks.
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Airbnb’s new party-pooping technology

Airbnb is introducing a new weapon in its war against fun by rolling out “anti-party technology” across Canada and the US. 
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China taps into tech algorithms

Some of China’s biggest tech companies, including ByteDance and Alibaba, have shared the inner workings of their algorithms with the Chinese government. 
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Get ready to see more iAdvertising

What is the one thing you’re missing on your Apple devices?

If you said “a headphone jack,” you’re unfortunately out of luck. But if “more advertising” is an idea that gets you jazzed, then we have good news: Apple is preparing to beef up its ad business and could roll out more placements across pre-installed apps like Maps, Books, and Podcasts.

Why it matters: Premium products, not advertising, have been Apple’s bread and butter since Steve Jobs set the company’s direction in the late 1990s. Expanding its ad business would be a significant shift in Apple’s strategy.
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No more green bubbles

Android users know that there is no greater indignity than being the only green bubble in a friend group of iPhone users. Google is now stepping up to fight this injustice. 
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Netflix tries to level up

Did you know that Netflix has games? You’re not alone if you answered no: 99% of its subscribers have never experienced the joy of playing Exploding Kittens, Hextech Mayhem, or any other game on the platform. 
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