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The world’s biggest consumer tech show

CES, the world’s biggest tech trade show, kicked off yesterday in sunny and sinful Las Vegas with tech companies big and small ready to show off new gizmos and gadgets.
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Shopify’s New Year's resolution: Become an advertising powerhouse

Changes by Apple to limit how companies track iPhone users have created an opportunity for Shopify to turn its advertising business into a growth engine this year, president Harley Finkelstein told the Financial Times.

Why it matters: Shopify is doing the new year, new me thing (relatable, to be honest) after a painful 2022 that saw its share price fall 70%. E-commerce growth stalled as Covid lockdowns ended, and now the company needs to find another way to grow quickly. 
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No more password sharing

The company that once tweeted “love is sharing a password” is now rolling out plans to target over 100 million people who watch the service using borrowed passwords. 

In 2019, Netflix researchers found password sharing—often between family or friends—was eating into the company’s subscriptions. As executives mulled over how to address the issue without upsetting customers (paying and non-paying), the pandemic hit, leading to eight million new subscribers in 2020 alone and kicking the password-sharing can down the road. 
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Epic Games pays up $520M

Epic Games, maker of the popular video game Fortnite, has agreed to pay US$520 million to resolve two US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints.
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Will Elon step down?

Elon Musk asked Twitter users via poll—his preferred decision-making method lately—if he should step down as the head of Twitter. Of over 17.5 million responses, 57.5% said yes.
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Blocked and reported

As Elon Musk’s Twitter faces increasing backlash, the billionaire has shown he’s not afraid to rule the platform with an iron fist. 
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A rough year for tech

Shopify has had a stunningly bad year, but then again, so have most tech companies. 
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The dark side of TikTok

It’s not just viral dances and fun sketches: TikTok is also serving its teenage users a steady diet of harmful content, including videos related to self-harm and eating disorders, according to a new report that analyzed dummy accounts in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. 
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Google’s not so hot on ChatGPT

In recent days, the internet has been filled with clamour about ChatGPT (OpenAI’s wildly popular answer-generating AI chatbot) and how it could one day take on Google Search

Google has now responded by telling everyone to take a serious chill pill. 
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Twitter disbands its Trust and Safety council

Elon Musk’s Twitter is making some changes (again) around safety and moderation. 
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