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Meta sets ground rules for AI in politics

Whether you’re at a family get-together or surfing online, politics can be a dicey topic to explore. 

What happened: Meta will start requiring advertisers to disclose if they’ve used AI to create or alter political, social issue, or election-related ads on Facebook and Instagram, its latest step to curb the role of AI-generated deepfakes in the spread of election misinformation.
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Social media is ready for its own kind of retail therapy

Social media platforms are bracing for a potentially rough quarter, but they do have one hope: those “tap here to buy now” ads.

Driving the news: Pinterest said it hit its first quarterly profit of the year because its ads are more relevant than ever. That was a much more optimistic tone than its competitors.
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Bumble hopes its new CEO is the perfect match

Just like you with your ex, the general public has fallen out of love with dating apps.  

What happened: Bumble co-founder Whitney Wolfe Herd is stepping down as CEO of the dating app company and will be replaced by current Slack head Lidiane Jones next year. 
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The lowdown Google vs. Epic Games

The maker of Fortnite is hoping to score a victory royale against one of the titans of tech. 

What happened: A long-awaited antitrust trial between Google and Epic Games kicked off yesterday. Epic argues that Google makes it too difficult for both developers and Android users to upload, download, or make purchases through anything other than its app store, allowing Google to control an illegal monopoly and enrich itself through its exorbitant fees.
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AI influencers are taking over

Out of all the jobs under threat from AI, we certainly didn’t have Instagram influencers at the top of our list. 

Driving the news: Major global brands, including Prada, Calvin Klein, Samsung, and BMW, are turning to AI-generated influencers to promote their products on social media, opting for a cost-effective alternative to high-profile social media personalities.
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Biden’s executive order closes the AI floodgates

The US government is rolling out some new house rules for AI developers. 

Driving the news: US President Joe Biden signed a first-of-its-kind executive order to regulate development in the AI industry. It includes guardrails to protect consumers and is the most significant regulation that the world's leading AI developers have faced. 
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Poison pill threatens AI image models

If your favourite AI image generator starts spitting out some weird stuff, we may have an explanation.

Driving the news: Researchers successfully created a method to trick image-generating AI models like DALL-E into wrongly characterizing images during their training, according to their recently published paper.

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Alberta turns to AI to help fight wildfires

On the heels of a record-breaking wildfire season, the country is turning to AI for solutions.  

Driving the news: Alberta is adopting artificial intelligence to help the province’s wildfire agency predict where and when wildfires will start. By partnering with software company AltaML, the province will use Microsoft Azure to create next-day fire-likelihood forecasts. 
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The Godfathers of AI can’t agree on how dangerous it is

The comments section of a Facebook post typically isn’t a place for intelligent debate between great minds… but sometimes, it is. 

Driving the news: Meta AI head Yann LeCun and Université de Montréal prof Yoshua Bengio, two of the three ‘Godfathers of AI’, got in an online debate earlier this month after LeCun made a post asking experts who don’t believe in AI extinction threats to speak up.    
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California deals a blow to autonomous cars

Like an angsty teen who took the car out without permission, Cruise has lost its driving privileges for the time being. 

Driving the news: Per The Washington Post, the autonomous car company has to immediately remove all its driverless vehicles from the roads after the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) determined its the robotaxis are a risk to public safety. 
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