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Gotta risk money to make money

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and into the exclusive world of private investments.

No depositor left behind

After its “don’t call it a bailout” bailout for Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank depositors, the US government is doubling down on its new no-depositor-left-behind strategy.

Hollywood North hits the big time

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only producer setting up shop in Canada—camera crews from all kinds of studios are flocking to the Great White North in droves.

Central banks unite

A coalition of central banks, including Canada, the US, the EU, England, Japan, and Switzerland, are trying to keep dollars circulating through an achy-breaky banking system.

UBS buys Credit Suisse as banking fears mount

UBS reached an eleventh-hour deal to acquire rival Swiss bank Credit Suisse yesterday, the latest effort to stabilize a global banking system that looks increasingly shaky (and is giving off way too many 2007-08 vibes for our liking).

Banks better have that money

That’s it: Banks have been sent to the time-out corner. And now, Canada’s top banking regulator wants to be kept in the loop as another crisis hits the US banking system.

The labour market blazes on

Headlines announcing layoffs continue to crowd our feeds, and yet there are very few signs of cracks in the overall Canadian and US labour markets… so, what gives?

You can buy more happiness

According to researchers, not even the price of happiness is safe from inflation.

Millennials are being targeted by employment scammers

Online purchase scams were the leading type of scams in Canada last year, per the Better Business Bureau, but a more dangerous contender is now coming for the crown.

Cracking the baby-making code

Global birth rates are on the decline, but one Japanese town has cracked the baby-making code. And no, it isn’t dim lighting, a bed covered in rose petals, and a little Barry White.