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Inflation is going the wrong way

Some surprises are good, like a b-day party or finding a $20 bill in your coat. Others are less good, like a cancelled reservation or a blister. Recent inflation data is one of those surprises.

What used cars tell us about the future of the economy

The Bank of Canada is determined to crush inflation, but that doesn’t mean prices are going back to pre-pandemic levels. For proof, look no further than the used car market.

Driving the news: Prices in the used car market aren’t going up anymore, but they aren’t coming down much from pandemic-era heights, according to the latest data from Canadian Black Book.

Newfoundland’s crabby dispute

A pricing dispute in Canada’s crustacean heartland has crabby fishers calling out seafood processors for their shellfishness. 

New grocery code leaves critics hungry

The grocery code of conduct that would govern the actions of Canada’s grocers and their suppliers is in its final draft, but it’s still leaving their top critics hungry for more.

The banking sector is still uneasy

While bankers no doubt rejoiced after the US Federal Reserve signalled it would move to pause rate hikes, the sector is still full of more tension than the final season of Succession.  

Strike ends for 120,000 federal workers

After 12 days of picketing, most striking federal government workers are back on the job.

Another US bank bites the dust

Another week, another mid-sized US bank is no more. 

Driving the news: US regulators seized First Republic Bank and sold it off to JPMorgan Chase in the wee hours of the morning today.

Big tech gains could hide stock risks

With the S&P 500 up 8% so far this year, your portfolio might be looking pretty good. But there are some serious risks lurking below the surface of the apparent stock rally. 

Driving the news: Last week’s surprisingly strong earnings for big tech amid gloomy economic data underscored a growing gap between winners and losers in the main US stock index. 

Canada’s productivity problem

Canada used to have one of the most productive economies in the world, but now? Not so much. We have already fallen behind the average developed economy, and the OECD now expects Canada to have the lowest per-capita GDP growth of any member country. 

So what gives? A big part of the problem is our lagging productivity level. But what does that actually mean? 

It’s a bad time to be an office landlord

Is commercial real estate the next domino to fall in our creaking global economy? A growing number of signs point to very possibly.