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You can buy more happiness

According to researchers, not even the price of happiness is safe from inflation.

Millennials are being targeted by employment scammers

Online purchase scams were the leading type of scams in Canada last year, per the Better Business Bureau, but a more dangerous contender is now coming for the crown.

Cracking the baby-making code

Global birth rates are on the decline, but one Japanese town has cracked the baby-making code. And no, it isn’t dim lighting, a bed covered in rose petals, and a little Barry White.

When the boss puts your personality to the test

Waiting on a promotion? Well, there are two big names you’ll likely have to impress first: Myers and Briggs.

The high price of loyalty

We have some terrible, no-good news: rewards programs are getting less rewarding.

The road to 2% inflation

Canada’s inflation rate is tracking down, but the 2% target is still a while away. 

How to help immigrants find the right work

As Canada opens its arms wider than Mr. Fantastic to address labour shortages, a new RBC report delves into some roadblocks that newcomers face in the current system.

How high can brand name prices go?

A word of advice if you find yourself on “The Price is Right” in the near future: Do not underestimate the prices of packaged consumer goods. 

An unexpected jobs surge

Like an unscheduled meeting with your boss or a wedding invite from an ex, Stats Canada’s latest labour report is one of those surprises that you’re not quite sure what to make of.

Green hydrogen gets a green light

Canada’s ready to add some more green to its energy mix.