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Montana bans TikTok

No such thing as a free TV

A startup called Telly dominated the news headlines this week after offering 500,000 people a smart TV with a market value of $1,000 for free. The catch? The screen includes a small display in the bottom corner that will run ads as you watch.

America explores AI regulation

If anything can bring two sides of the aisle together, it's regulating artificial intelligence. 

What happened: Sam Altman—who one could argue is the guy responsible for opening the AI floodgates by releasing ChatGPT to the public—appeared before Congress yesterday to call on US regulators to create licensing and safety standards for advanced AI systems. 

Ex-ByteDance exec says CCP has TikTok backdoor

A new lawsuit against TikTok owner ByteDance could discredit the company’s primary defence against efforts by some Western lawmakers to ban the app.

What happened: Yintao Yu, a former engineering lead for ByteDance in the US, claims that TikTok’s code included a “backdoor” to give Chinese government officials “supreme access” to user data, regardless of where it was hosted. 

Google’s AI search era officially begins

After Google’s developer’s conference yesterday, online search might never be the same.

EU pushes ahead on AI regulation

When it comes to tech regulation, Europe is like the friend who sucks it up and calls the Uber when everyone pretends to stare off into space. Cracking down on AI is no exception. 

Is a digital loonie on the horizon?

The Bank of Canada (BoC) wants to know how you’d feel about swapping those cold hard coins for a less tangible alternative.

The battle between AI and workers

From the role of AI in the writers' strike to IBM’s hiring freeze, it’s time to talk about how we plan to defend our jobs against the robots.

The ‘Godfather of AI’ has some regrets

British-Canadian computer scientist and University of Toronto professor Geoffrey Hinton—known as one of the three “Godfathers of AI”—stepped down from his role at Google’s AI division so he could freely talk about the dangers AI currently poses. 

Twitter users search for blue skies

Faced with a litany of annoying bugs and bewildering product changes, many Twitter users are looking for an alternative—the question has always been, what would that alternative be? 

We may now have an answer.