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Microsoft moving AI talent to Vancouver

Microsoft is preparing to move some of its top artificial intelligence researchers from China to Vancouver, per reporting by The Financial Times

Why it matters: There’s fierce competition for AI talent between both companies and countries. Landing a handful of the world’s leading experts in the sector is a win for the AI ecosystem in Canada.

Zuck’s plan

Apple may have its Vision Pro, but Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a vision of his own. (That is the one and only time we will use that joke—promise!)

Meet the Chinese e-commerce app dominating the App Store charts

A Chinese e-commerce app that promises to let you “shop like a billionaire” has rocketed up to #3 on Canada’s App Store charts.

How much AI is too much AI?

While it’s pretty amazing we’ve got to the point where artificial intelligence can think critically and come up with solutions out of thin air, it can also be a pain in the behind.

I’m an AI, and I endorse this message

Separating fact from fiction in an election campaign is difficult enough already. Now throw artificial intelligence into the mix, and it’s about to get a lot tougher.

Apple meets the AR moment

Apple unveiled its long-awaited augmented reality (AR) headset at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference yesterday—the Vision Pro—a sleek pair of goggles with a battery pack that looks like something a cyberpunk hacker would wear while hitting the slopes.

Tech takes on wildfires

Wildfires have turned into a fact of life for millions of Canadians, and a growing cohort of entrepreneurs and investors are developing technology to limit the damage they cause. 

Why it matters: Wildfires are expected to burn 5 million hectares of forest in Canada by 2050—roughly the size of Nova Scotia. From automated sprinkler systems to firefighting robots, we’ll need every tool in the kit to better anticipate and fight a growing number of fires. 

Meta’s biggest attack yet on Canada’s online news act

There are few guarantees in life: Death, taxes, and your relatives angrily sharing news articles on Facebook. And even that last one might soon disappear.

On the internet, seeing is not believing

It’s time to update the old warning, “Don’t believe everything you read,” to “Don’t believe everything you see.”

Driving the news: Image editing tools that use AI to generate convincing—but fake—visuals are going mainstream with Adobe’s announcement that it is adding a “Generative Fill” feature to its popular Photoshop software.

AI comes for the podcasters

There are a lot of podcasts. About 4 million, to be exact. From old roommates to distant relatives to yours truly, starting a podcast has become a right of passage into adulthood. 

And now, the generative AI boom is set to contribute even more audio content to an already endless library of podcast options. Per Wired, AI-generated podcasts have officially arrived, whether—you know—anyone actually wants them or not.