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If Apple calls, don’t pick up

Ok so, Apple has been peeping at your chaotic, rambling Notes entries and finally decided to roll out a journaling app. Of course, we’re kidding… kind of.

All in on augmented reality

This year for Snap: Flying selfie drones are out, and everything augmented is still very in. 

Google's running scared

It’s not often that Google's parent company Alphabet takes an L, but yesterday, shares dropped 2.66% after news of a potential disaster on the AI chatbot front broke. 

The race to regulate AI is on

Companies like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft aren’t the only ones in an AI race. Regulators around the world are starting to get in on the action, too. 

Driving the news: US lawmakers, along with regulators in the EU and China, are starting to roll out proposals to regulate artificial intelligence companies and technology.

Should we be more worried about AI?

We sat down with AI safety researcher Jérémie Harris on Free Lunch by The Peak to discuss his concerns about where AI is heading, and what it means for us.

ChatGPT is a mean gossip

Ever get the feeling people are talking about you behind your back? It’s probably nothing… but a growing number of people have discovered that AI bots are talking about them—and they aren’t saying very nice things.

Driving the news: A local politician in Australia says ChatGPT falsely claimed that he was convicted of bribery, and has begun the process of launching a defamation lawsuit against the tool’s maker, OpenAI. 

Keeping it cool with heatwave alerts

With warmer weather ahead, Google wants to make sure you don’t get too hot this year.

Pumping the breaks on AI development

Kind of like us at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, AI is doing too much way too fast. 

Mickey Mouse ditches the metaverse

The metaverse might be the next digital media frontier, but Disney has decided to stay put in its Magic Kingdom for now.

Social media’s pay-to-play era has arrived

Like a used car salesman covered in flop sweat in an ill-fitting suit, Twitter is desperately trying to get you to buy what it’s selling.