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The economics of online returns

Are there any words sweeter than "free shipping?" But with new return policies in place, just because you got your items shipped for free doesn't mean sending them back is on the house too. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly for the first-time buyers

Falling housing prices may seem like a boon for first-time buyers who have until now been priced out of home ownership, but it’s not all good news for people trying to get into the market.

Low cost hacks to winterize your home

Winter is around the corner and there’s a global gas shortage, which means higher energy bills—but some quick and easy DIY changes to your house can keep more money in your pocket. 

Pay off your credit cards to get recession ready

You've reined in your spending, tweaked your budget and started shopping sales—but with interest rates only going up, it’s time to finally deal with the dark debt cloud still hanging over your head. 

New scam, who dis?

Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler made the con lifestyle seem luxurious and lucrative—but the most dangerous scammers are the ones without flashy clothes and an entourage. All they need is a phone or computer and a “mark.” 

What hitting your “trigger rate” will do to your finances

Homeownership provides a source of stability and has for many years been a relatively safe investment opportunity. But rising interest rates have left those with variable-rate mortgages on shaky ground and quickly approaching their "trigger rate."

Snowbirds will pay more for Southern hospitality this winter

If you were planning on taking a cheap vacation this winter and crashing on your Granny’s couch in Boca Raton, you better bring that birthday card money along to foot the bill. 

Pump prices on the rise as OPEC+ cuts oil production

Canadians had a brief respite from summer's record-high gas prices, but new cuts to global supply mean filling your tank will leave your wallet considerably lighter once again. 

Cable could be getting more expensive

If you stayed loyal to your cable company during the cord-cutting frenzy of 2016, they’ve found the perfect way to thank you: a more expensive bill, which could be arriving soon if the CRTC approves a price bump for "skinny" cable packages.