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Income-boosting side hustles could lead to burnout

It seems like everyone’s picking up a side gig these days. Whether driving for a ride-share app or going back to babysitting, people are picking up extra gigs to cope with the increasingly high price of everyday life. 

Happiness isn’t capped at a $75k salary

You may have heard of that widely-cited study from 2010 which theorized that happiness caps at US$75,000 (US$102,500 today), with each dollar earned past that mark making little impact on the earner's well-being—well, turns out that may not be true, after all.

Real estate investing cools off with monster mortgage payments

Homeownership is a milestone that we've been told is one of the keys to financial security and an important investment, but with the mortgage payments steadily rising for many new homeowners, that may no longer be the case.

Can’t buy me love (cause I can’t afford it)

Being a “cheap” date used to be a bit of an insult, but now it’s a way to get money-savvy suitors to your doorstep as single people trim their romance budgets. 

Going once, going twice, sold for cents on the dollar!

A growing crowd of thrifty shoppers are staying out of the malls this season and shopping through online auctions instead, buying returned and outdated merchandise for a fraction of the sticker price.  

A roundup of the best Black Friday deals

Here at The Peak Money, we've been in saving mode (‘cause recession)—but if you're going to spend your hard-earned cash, there's no better time than Black Friday/Cyber Monday—especially since we've scoured the web for the best discounts and sales, so you don't have to.

Are trading apps changing your behaviour?

Struggling to get your DIY investment portfolio in the green? It might not be about your stock picks but rather some behaviour-modifying techniques trading apps are implementing to “gamify” investing, even at the expense of your returns.

Inflation is driving an increase in pet surrenders

Scrolling through social media, you’re bound to come across a quadruped living a more luxurious life than you (and earning a bigger paycheque too). But for regular Canadians, caring for a family pet is a big expense, not a money maker.

Smart shopping can tame your grocery bill

Food prices are the highest they’ve been in 40 years, and a new survey shows how far Canadians are going to stay afloat as grocery bills continue to rise. 

Travel insurance isn’t perfect, but it’s peace of mind

With all the chaos in air travel, Santa might be the only person taking to the skies this holiday season who won't need travel insurance—but assuming you don't have your own flying reindeer to keep you on schedule, you might be wondering if it's worth adding travel insurance to your holiday bookings.