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Why mico-weddings are big business these days

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love, but between the attire, cake, table linens and four-course meals for hundreds of guests, they can quickly turn into an anchor of debt. That growing cost has more newlyweds opting for money-conscious matrimonies. 

Canadian consumer insolvencies on the rise

Canadians are in debt, and it’s only getting more difficult to climb out of the hole.

The pitfalls of buying pre-construction real estate

Real estate analysts and experts are on the same page for the future of home prices in Canada this year—they’re going down. That’s bringing attention to some of the financial pitfalls of buying pre-construction real estate.

Ready, set, recession

Whispers of a recession we’ve been hearing for some time are turning into audible groans as the economy struggles under the weight of rising interest rates. So now is a good time to ask: Are you (and your finances) prepared for a potential downturn? 

Job hunting is on workers’ to-do lists

Worries about the economy are having an unusual effect on Canadian workers—rather than hunkering down ahead of a potential recession, a growing number of people are hunting for new jobs.

What’s new: Half of the Canadians polled said they plan to find a new job this year, a 31% increase from six months ago.

New year, new me, new resolutions

Think back to this time last year—did you make any resolutions? Better yet, did you stick with any of them? As the year closes out, people look forward to starting fresh, but the plans we make to better our lives are often hard to follow through with—especially when it comes to our finances. 

Driving the news: A new survey found that 22% of Canadians are looking to reset their financial habits in the new year, focusing on investing, saving more money, and sticking to stricter budgets.

Boxing day becomes Boxing Week

Did you score any big Boxing Day deals? It’s likely not too late—many post-Christmas sales are now lasting the entire week as retailers try to squeeze every last dollar out of the holiday shopping season.

Catch-up: Boxing Day is entrenched in Canadian culture. While the origins are debated, most people think it stems from Queen Victoria encouraging wealthy residents to "box up" their old wares to give to the poor.

How to beat the “Christmas creep”

For many of us, "Christmas creep"—the pressure to create a memorable Christmas—can turn what’s supposed to be a relaxing and joyful time into one of stress and anxiety. This year, the problem may be getting worse.

Give the gift of thrift

How many gifts have you bought this year? Between friends, family and co-workers, the average Canadian household will spend over $1,500 on gift-giving, but you can cut that cost by shifting to a new way of purchasing presents.

Would one day a week in the office really be that bad?

There’s lots to love about remote work—it saves time, money and the stress of choosing what to wear every morning. But a survey found the key to an even happier work-from-home life could be getting into the office once a while, too.